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William Pitcher College


The college offers Secondary Teachers' Diploma programme. This is a three year post O'level/IGCSE/SGCSE/EGCSE course for teaching at secondary school level. William Pitcher College is affiliated to the University of Eswatini and all its programmes are moderated and approved by the university. Hence, it is the University of Eswatini that awards the diplomas to the graduates of the college. The programme of training comprises the following groups of subjects:
  1. GROUP A - Professional Studies.  The core courses are Teaching Practice, Education and Special and Inclusive Education.
  2. GROUP B - The required courses shall be drawn from English/Siswati, Mathematics/Science, Geography/History, English/Religious Studies, English French, French/Siswati, ICT/Mathematics, ICT/Science, English/Geography or other combinations approved bt the BAI.
  3. GROUP C - This is a required course - Academic Communicstion Skills.
  4. GROUP D - General education courses like Music, Physical Education, Computer Technology Skills (CTS) and Psychosocial Support.
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