English, SiSwati and French

The languages department offers courses in English Language, SiSwati and French to prospective teachers who are undergraduate students in the College. his department concerns itself with equipping prospective teachers with academic skills so that they attain proficiency in the language in order to be able to use English in a variety of contexts. This department does not only concern itself with teachers of English but also addresses the academic needs of students in all the faculties. The programme entails academic
communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Languages Department


The overall mission of the department of Languages is to promote competence in the three Languages among prospective teachers. Specifically, the prospective teachers receive instruction on subject matter content, teaching methodology, classroom management and planning and conducting of instruction at classroom level. The department therefore prides itself with producing highly competent teachers to enrich the teaching fraternity in Swaziland.


The department will, in the academic year 2017/18, offer French and English as a subject combination in the Secondary Teacher’s Diploma.

The first  Primary Teacher’s Diploma holders majoring in French and English were conferred in 2015/16.